Monday, 23 May 2016

Ode to Autumn

 I love living in a country where the seasons change, where long hot summers turn to mellow autumns and where cold, rainy winters turn to vibrant, colourful springs. It is always a pleasure to enjoy that first barbecue in summer or the first bowl of soup in winter, to see the flamboyant reds and yellows of maple leaves in autumn and the shy, peeping buds and lime green leaves of  trees in spring. Each change is a cause for celebration, however, of all the seasons I think autumn is my favourite.  In my home town of Auckland autumn often means still days where the sun glitters on a calm sea and the cooler weather makes it perfect for walking or playing sport. It is fun at the end of the day to draw the curtains, curl up with a good book and get cosy. Much as the thought of an endless summer on a tropical island appeals I know I would miss the anticipation and pleasure which each season brings.

Many poets have written about the joys of autumn.  I wish I had their eloquence! All I can offer are a few photos, so here they are, my Ode to Autumn.

My autumn garden

And I caught a leaf falling!
Auckland's Westhaven boat harbour on a glorious autumn day
Cyclamens flower in autumn
Tis the season for me to make jam and preserves
Ah!  That first bowl of hot soup for lunch
I know it is autumn when my cat, Molly, spends the day on my bed
And what could be better than a comfy chair, a warm rug, and a good book to read by lamp light?

Autumn, you are welcome. Please come again next year.

(all photos are my own)