Friday, 12 September 2014

I've been off wandering and have discovered my best all time walking shoe....

...among other wonderful things which I will write about in the coming weeks.  This is just to let you know I am back and can't wait to start writing new blog entries.

In the mean time I want to let you know about a fantastic walking shoe I have discovered and which I wore throughout this trip.  You may remember that recently I blogged a list of travel hints.  The most important one being to have comfortable travel shoes.  Well I am pleased to tell you I have discovered the best travel shoe I have ever had and I assure you I have had many different shoes over the years.  Some of them have been comfortable for a while but after a few hours walking have become hot or tight or just plain uncomfortable.  I discovered these shoes while on holiday in Australia earlier this year and loved wearing them from the moment I put them on.  They are amazingly light, have a deep memory foam sole, are easy to slip on and off and still comfortable after many hours of walking which I did most days. One day in London I walked for a solid 8 hours, and my feet were comfortable and supported the whole time.  A good indication of a comfortable walking shoe is whether you think about your feet while out and about which I didn't except to marvel occasionally at how comfortable they felt. Another beauty of these shoes is that they can be washed in the washing machine and come out as good as new.

So here is the big reveal and I must stress I am not sponsored by this company in any way to write this.  I simply want to pass on a great tip to fellow travellers.

The shoes are Skechers Go Walk 2 and here is a picture of them: