Saturday, 3 December 2011

Lanterns of Japan

Anyone who knows me will know I have had a life long passion for Japan and things Japanese.  Of all the countries I have visited it is Japan that I feel homesick for. My travels in Japan have taken me from Tokyo as far south as Kumamoto on the southernmost island of Kyushu but unfortunately, so far, not north of Tokyo.  Having visited many places in Japan several times I realised I had been taking the same photos over and over again so decided on my last trip to take photos of lanterns only.  I found this absorbing, liberating and just plain fun.  I was a bit like a train spotter whooping with excitement when I found a style of lantern I hadn't seen before.  Here are a few of my lantern photos with a haiku they inspired.


Waves lap the sea path
Ancient lanterns glow softly
Cherry petals fall