Tuesday, 31 May 2011

A Village Fete

Richmond Meadows, London
  My last day in London is also the day of the Richmond festival. Although Richmond is a suburb of London it is surprisingly rural with a real village feel about it.  My daughter in law has a meeting to go to so Jacob and I take Eddie to the festival.  Today Richmond Green is covered in stalls representing  schools, scout groups, sporting groups and many other clubs and societies.  We meet up with some friends and wander along the rows of stalls  eventually coming to the fun fair area. 

I am captivated by the beautifully ornate  fairground organ, dating from the 1880s which runs on a pianola card system and the fairy tale old merry go  round with its magical painted horses. I can't resist temptation and just have to have a ride myself....ahhhhh childhood memories!  Eddie loves the model cars and has four rides on them, his smile growing wider and wider with each ride. The festival atmosphere is wonderful, with candyfloss, barbecued sausages and steaming mugs of tea sold by disorganised but smiling volunteers. The community spirit of the day is uplifting.
Eddie loves the car ride.....
Catherine arrives and we decide to walk along the river to lunch at Steins...no, it is not Rick Stein's it is a German restaurant on the edge of the river which serves generous portions of sausage and sauerkraut at very reasonable prices.  It is a great place to take a two year old with its fenced in play area  which Eddie loves. We enjoy a leisurely lunch and a final walk along the river path to Hammerton's ferry...one pound to cross the river....and home.  It has been a          lovely way to spend my last day.

...and I relive my childhood
Then, sadly, it is off to the airport for my flight to Hong Kong.  It has been a fantastic trip.  I've especially enjoyed spending time with my family and my delightful, lively grandson, Eddie.